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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, there are certain publications that will be unavailable in hard copy, including the UMASS Extension Vegetable Management Guide and the Northeast Strawberry and Vegetable Pest Identification Guide.  You can download an online version of the Vegetable Management Guide here: https://nevegetable.org/ and an online version of the Small Fruit Management Guide here: https://ag.umass.edu/fruit/ne-small-fruit-management-guide

Pesticide Licensing Exam Study Materials ARE still available in hard copy.

To purchase Pesticide Exam study materials, you may do so here using a Mastercard or Visa. If you wish to pay by check and receive a discount, please visit the UMASS Pesticide Education page at: https://www.umass.edu/pested/study_materials/index.htm.  The UMASS Extension Bookstore is part of the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) at UMass Amherst.



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